Who is Melis? She is a neighbor in Istanbul, a curator of Turkish culture in the right light in London (can we call her a cultural attache of Turkey?), jewelry designer too she curates, makes and lives a life of authenticity and color based in London. Love her style, and Mother Tongue a beautiful space where one feels at home when they enter but also lets hear more about Melis and her upcoming ventures. 
(Melis in the picture above in one of our limited Wool Scarves from 2 collections ago)
Melis can you tell us a bit about yourself? 
I’m a Turkish artist and curator living in London. I love using my hands to make things, and believe objects that are made in that way have such a powerful way of telling stories.
Can you tell us a bit about Mother Tongue? What made you start the project?
I founded Mother Tongue because I was chasing to understand my own story better - as a Turkish immigrant living in London. Where others around me saw kebabs and cheap holidays, I saw something entirely different. The more I invested into telling my version of Turkey’s story, the closer I felt to myself. So my business and life-long project Mother Tongue was born. Aiming to do justice to Turkey as a land of incredibly rich, creative and skilful mosaic of cultures through a collection of culturally significant handmade objects that you can take home with you.
(Melis's jewelry art in the making of)  
(Colorful home of Melis, a perfect day starts here.)
What does an ideal day look like? 
My perfect day starts with a slow wakeup. This is so important to me it actually makes or breaks my day! Variations of a perfect day could be - spending time in my studio and coming out with something to show, or geeking over shared interests with someone - either way, I can’t be in a rush (which I always am) and I must be able to see the blue sky (which I hardly am).
What’s your favorite comfort food that invokes memories of childhood?
My favourite comfort food is shell pasta with tuna, sweetcorn, red onions and double cream. I don’t know how far back this goes but before actual meals I used eat crazy things like nutella on bread, with butter! So comforting.
(The symbol of tongue from the Mother Tongue logo)
(Stills from the Mother Tongue)
What’s a symbol you like keeping in your life?
The tongue! It’s so perfect. Kitsch, playful and universal.
(Melis and Chris's home)
What is your favorite object at home? 
I can’t answer this question as there are gazillions. The thinnest embossed brown glass teacups from a village from Turkey? (I shouldn’t specify location as they are all undoubtedly from Turkey) A folk ceramic cigarette dispenser for guests? 
Looking at the Melis 10 years ago and now what are the changes and what stayed the same?
She is much less black and white than 10 years ago. And especially since having a baby - so much less anxious about things she can’t change. She is still excited about life on a daily basis - generally.
(A still of Chris in Morocco)
Where was your favorite summer holiday, can you tell us a bit about it? 
So many magical road trips in Turkey. But if I had to choose an international destination, Morocco. Walking around the streets of Essaouira being held back and propelled by the intense wind amongst what felt like a maze made of high stone walls. Hearing and feeling the sea but not seeing it. A culture so familiar to mine. It was incredible. In the same trip we went to Agadir and visited Paradise Valley, where we swam in a mystical blue lake in a valley amongst palm trees, alongside many little terrapins who were nibbling us. That whole trip… I can go on and on.
(Henna on Melis's hand)
What 3 things would you like to see more of in the world?
Active listening. Slow pace. Inner freedom.
What 3 things would you like to see less of in the world?
Sameness. People taking people for granted. Shame. 
(Chris wearing our Alice Shirt and Levant on the arms)
When you think of LAR what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
First word that pops to mind is carefree, followed by an image of a woman wearing a colourful sarong somewhere hot.
What is your all time favorite LAR?
My first LAR piece ever; a wool brown scarf inspired by Mexico. I adore its deep brown colour, the beautiful motifs, which strongly feel like they’re telling a story, and even the rolled hem sides in mismatch colours.
(The Cozumel Bandana)
If you were to describe your vibe with one color what would it be and why?
 The colour between yellow and orange. It has such good energy, not too intense, but constant - bit like a sun you could hold in your hands.

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