An escapist collection where we find ourselves in dynamic utopia with orientalist mysticism; a pattern world with influences from New Wave-Psychedelia infused graphic style.

The idea came when I was passing by a river filled with soaked green weeds on a cold dark night in Hackney Wick, it looked so calm yet so spooky at the same time. Like time was frozen, and there were dead things inside of a unkown depth water density. My friend said to me, close your eyes image it doesn’t exist. So I did, and I dreamt it was a dessert filled with sands, I felt like I was in a mirage. After that occasion everytime I was scared I closed my eyes and there I was in the mirage within a dessert:
I wanted to meet an alchemist, on the bumps of the sands.
I wanted to point my magical finger to draw the curves of the landscape with smooth infinity of sands.
I wanted to ride camels with 100 humps.
I wanted magic!
For my eyes and soul to have an eyegasm, the poetry of objects to form into timeless prints.
It’s all a mirage my friend said, wake up!
It’s all a mirage.