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LAR X MELEZ TEA: Universe Collection

For a perfect combination of senses the lifestyle tea brand Melez and LAR collaborated for the packaging of their Universe Collection in 2019. 

XOCOLATL TEA // spiced chocolate rooibos


Believed to be the first to cultivate cocoa as early as 900 AD, the Mayans also invented the indulgent hot chocolate. chocolate was the drink of kings and gods, and often utilized in rituals, ceremonies, and healing. the word "çikolata" originates from the Mayan word xocolatl, meaning "bitter water." Xocolatl is an ode to Central America and our Mayan ancestors with warming cocoa kernels, earthy and sweet rooibos, a smooth black tea, and a touch of coconut. Add milk and honey for an intensely rich experience.



Rooibos, cacao nibs, black tea, cinnamon, aroma, coconut, carob bits.

The TEA TIN is a perfect accessory for your beautiful kitchen and the refill is available on Melez Tea to avoid the excess use of packaging waste.