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I first met Carolina in the pre-pandemic landscape of Lisbon in 2019 if I’m not wrong, we had brunch and than strolled the streets of Cais do Sodré.
Carolina’s instagram profile captures you with her taste at her personal home and fashion style which is curated in a calm, contemporary and refined manner all at the same time. Meeting her in person like her style she is easy going, welcoming and genuine yet still cool. As a loyal #friendoflar we are curious to learn more about her personally.
Carolina, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Of course! I'd love to. I'm Carolina and I was born in the 90s! I live in Lisbon, a city I wouldn't trade for anything, and I'm a Web Designer by profession (and I love what I do). My biggest hobby is definitely reading and eating, and I don't mind going dancing all night every once in a while.
Above: Carolina's home in Lisbon,Portugal
What does an ideal day look like to you? 
I love waking up early and working out, going to the beach, and ending the day with a late lunch (or early dinner) by the sea, with grilled fish and a glass of chilled white wine. Then I love going home and relaxing on the couch! Guilty as charged, I love my couch!
What is your favorite sensory smell? 
The scent of the sea, and the Mandarin and Lime Basil from Jo Malone.
In 3 words how would you define your personal style?
Mixed,Classic,Crazy (Sometimes).
Carolina above wearing Flores Cashmere Blend Scarf. Discover Cashmere Blend scarves.
What is your ‘joie de vivre’, what or who brings you joy in your everyday life?
My cat and my dog. Nothing gives me more love and joy than them. They're both adopted - the cat was found in the trash as a baby, and my sweetest dog (is a female) also came from the streets. They make me laugh every day and teach me many things.
Zappa (the cat of the house) above. 
What is your favorite object at home?
Our giant tapestry, by a Portuguese artist named Sara Pereira, and a magazine/record holder by Gustaf Westman and our couch that we designed. (Image below)
lar studio
What is your favorite LAR?
It's really hard to choose because I've been using the winter scarf every day, but I have to say it's the pareos. In the summer, I use and abuse them as a dress, skirt, and beach towel. I love how versatile they are.
carolina flores pragma
Carolina above wearing Pragma Pareo in her summer trip. 
 Your favorite beach in Portugal?
It's impossible to choose just one. Near Lisbon, it's Praia da Bicas in Meco. In Costa Vicentina, it's Vale Figueira beach or the ones near Melides, and in the Algarve, it's Alvor beach.
Where was your favorite summer holiday, can you tell us a bit about it? 
Without a doubt, Turkey! I'm the biggest fan of the south of Turkey, and my favorite vacations are there. The warm water, the landscape, it's a place that brings me a lot of peace and happiness. I always end up going back.
Blue cruising in South of Turkey are stopping in between the locations such as overly crowded  Antalya, Marmaris, and also Kekova, Kaş, Kalkan, Fethiye, Göcek, Marmaris and finally but the most popular location of all Bodrum. 
What would you like to see more of, and see less of?
More: Love - Simplicity - Transparency
Less: War - Violence - Abuse
flores for fears

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