Knowing Zeynep Sağır from instagram since many years following her love for color and beauty. She is one of the kindest spirits as well if you got to know her, as the first series of interviews with our #friendsoflar we wanted to celebrate her love with her partner Richard Sturges,the inspiring and warm couple who live in Surrey,London. 
Above Zeynep on the left is wearing Lido Shirt and Richard on the right is in Ylang Hawaiian Shirt.
Zeynep and Richard, can you tell us a bit about yourselves?
Zey:I am an artist and colour consultant. 
Rich:and I’m a musician and dog behaviourist. We both live to create and we thrive off colour and sound.
What does an ideal day look like to you?
Rich:A walk in nature with the dog followed by a slow cup of tea while settling into a songwriting session. Maybe a visit to an exhibition late afternoon. Some serious food together in the evening and then falling asleep on the sofa. 
Zey:Do a bit of colour research and finish a couple colour palettes in the morning. Go back to painting till my eyes get tired. Don’t miss cooking routines with Rich and have a good dinner. And go back to painting till I sleep. 
Pastais Navy Cashmere Blend Scarf on the frame above with Zeynep's homemade heart shaped pastry that warmed our heart.
What is your favorite sensory smell?
Rich:Sunday roast dinner.
Zey:Forest daisies. 
In 3 words how would you define your personal style?
Zey:Kinda monochromatic,Playful,Comfy.
What is your ‘joie de vivre’, what or who brings you joy in your everyday life?
Rich:Zeynep of course! And the dog, without fail, every single day. 
Zey:Painting is my everyday need same is like eating/sleeping. And Richard! He is one of most inspiring people I know. 
Zeynep can you tell us a bit about your paintings?
My painting style has transformed a lot since my master degree. Since then colour and colour psychology is playing a big role in my process. The answer of this question is constantly changing but I can talk about my upcoming exhibition. I am having colour consultant sessions with some legendary people and I am creating their own colour palettes and then with these colours I am painting their eye with oil painting. So there will be eye paintings staring at audiences, to be explored or to find some common thread to talk about.
What is your favorite object at home? 
Rich:My rubber plants.
Zey: It’s so difficult to pick just one for me. I love collecting vintage objects and I am seriously spending time for it and every single one of them is my favourite but maybe my vintage Whittard Chelsea ceramic teapots. (Seen in Frame 1)
lar studio interview
What is your favorite LAR?
Zey:All cotton pareos!
What is an ideal way to spend Valentine's Day, do you believe in it?
Rich: I don’t personally believe in it in terms of buying gifts and going mad with it, but any excuse for a meal out and wine! 
Zey:Any day is the reason to celebrate our love, here we are! Casual pizza night at Italian with wine is our favourite every year.
Where do you find love? What does love mean to you?
Rich:Love comes in all forms, for people you love, your partner, your family, friends, your pet, also for things or for moments, love is what keeps us going day to day I think. 
Zey:I think the same, love makes me feel I’m alive and keeps me motivated to do what I’m living for.
What would you like to see more of, and see less of?
Rich:More nature, less advertisements.
Zey:More character, less copies.
If you would say one message to the whole world and that message would be processed by everyone what would it be?
Rich:Learn from dogs, they’re always honest and they live in the moment. 
Zey:No matter how long it takes, focus to find who you really are and keep that person with you + for others don’t lose your empathy.
lar studio zeynep sagir

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